• Solid Perfumes

    Modern and Mindful Perfumery

    by Garden by the Sea

    The art of perfumery is much like the art of music, in that it requires a series of notes to create a harmonious scent accord. These notes are carefully created with consideration of the evaporation process of unique essential oils. You will experience the essential oils at different rates with each of these perfumes.

    The first scent to be perceived immediately upon application of the perfume is known as the Top Note.  Just as the top note begins to dissipate a new scent emerges, the Middle Note.  Also called the heart note, this aroma creates the main body for the perfume.  As you approach the departure of the Middle Note, the Base Note brings out depth and solidity, which is not usually perceived until 30 minutes after application.

    Each solid perfume is carefully created with therepeutic intention, deirved from a unique combination of essential oils.

    Unlike other perfumes, Garden by the Sea’s handcrafted solid perfumes are non-toxic and 100% natural.