• Fabulous Teas

    One of the best components of our jobs here at Garden by the Sea is our training in the tea department, which involves rigorous testing of all our teas! This is a considerable endeavor considering we have one of the largest selections in the Maritimes! That being said, if you’re not sure which tea would be best for you, or the recipient of a tasty gift, give us a call and we would be happy to help guide you to the perfect tea.

    Tea has been around since the beginning of time, and is the second most drank beverage in the world (the first being wine, of course). This is with good conscious when you consider the health benefits of teas. In our shop we have teas which energize, and teas that calm, teas which heal and teas that maintain good health. Some of are teas can be drank for their health benefits while others are drank for pure enjoyment (not saying that you can’t have both, of course!). Ultimately the benefits of drinking tea are endless.

    All of our teas are either part of the ethical tea partnership, or are fair trade and/or organic. We have worked diligently with our tea producers and distributors to ensure that the working conditions of farmers are adequate and that proper pay is awarded for their products. We also monitor our teas to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals and processes.